Accelerating Sustainability

Accelerating Sustainability

Tarucca is helping wind park operators to increase electricity generating productivity, lower maintenance costs and reducing the need for scarce resources , keeping offshore wind energy sustainable.

Tarucca is delivering on this promise through tailored consultancy assignments, managing change projects and developing and implementing condition and structural health monitoring solutions and services for wind turbine blades.

In this way, Tarucca enables optimum predictive maintenance and asset management decisions.

Condition Monitoring Solution

Wind Energy Application - Blades' Heart Beat (BHB)

The wind energy industry is suffering from harmful damage to the blades of wind turbines caused by leading-edge erosion, lightning strikes, and manufacturing defects.

The trend towards longer, sleeker blades with higher tip speeds, aggravates this.

Current maintenance timing is based on the sporadic, visual damage only, reactive, non-scalable approach of visual inspection, and therefore extremely wasteful.

It is inevitable that the condition monitoring of blades eventually will be done with photonic sensors.

Tarucca’s vision is to work together as industry to make the world sustainable, reducing the costs of wind energy by billions of Euros, enabling better asset management and maintenance of blades, via photonics and AI driven IoT solutions. Together we will increase green electricity production, reduce clean energy maintenance costs, and increase lifespan of wind turbine blades.

Tarucca targets saving the expulsion of 377k metric tons of CO2 by 2026.

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AI and Photonics Applied

Tarucca develops its own system solutions combining the latest in AI software algorithm design with photonic integrates circuit sensors based IoT data capture systems.

Applying the latest technologies allows for "seeing" the state, condition and health of composite material structures that could not be seen before.

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